Friday, August 22, 2008

Puffy eyes . . .

When I was putting on my eye makeup this morning I noticed my eyes were puffy. Well, not my eyes exactly (imagine that), but the skin around my eyes. It always happens when I come to Oklahoma City for board meeting. No, it's not Oklahoma wind, or the water, not anything but my lack of control when we go out to eat the third Thursday night of every month. We either go to Abuelo's or to Ted's Escondido's Mexican Restaurant in Edmond.
Maybe there's a patch for overeating?

Obviously there's not much happening. I just had to blog something. (Hmm. Is there a blog patch out there?)

Oh, I forgot to say: it IS an exciting board meeting - 2 new Carmacks are around - Mac Carmack (17 days old) and Caroline Carmack (13 days as Rob's wife)!!!


laura said...

It'll be easy to remember how long Rob and Caroline have been married because it's however old Mac is.

And I think it's ok it overeat one Thursday a month. Stop getting onto yourself

Elizabeth H. said...

I would overeat at those restaurants too!! Sometimes in life you just have to splurge.

And my eyes have been puffy too... for me, its a lack of adequate sleep though. Well, interrupted sleep, that is. Kiehl's has a great eye cream that has Vitamin E and caffeine in it... I think I might try it out. I'll let you know if it makes a difference!

caroline said...

do you know how I invite people to read my blog once I make it private?

Nancy said...

No, Caroline. I don't know. But Elizabeth does. I'll let her know you want to know, okay?