Monday, August 25, 2008

There's a reason 'garage' and 'garbage' look alike . . .

. . . at least in my garage. Ah, but now it is looking better. The garage, that is. After much sweat but no tears, my side of the garage is at last free of last fall's leaves- among other things. It feels so good. There is still much to be done, but my side is in order!!
I had to brag.

Different note: we had our Monday night supper here - with the Huffmans and Cap and Lindsey, and Mother, and Bailey and Will. I served Archer Farms (Target's brand) Garlic and Herb Skewered Shrimp. They're in the freezer section and are super easy to prepare. Get some soon. (Well, if you're not allergic to shrimp.)
We also celebrated Will's 24 birthday early (it's Wednesday). I got an Italian Creme Cake from Market Street. Oh my. Get one soon. (Well, if you're not allergic.)

Different note: school started today for almost everybody in Texas. (If feels good to be out of school.) And I'm missing my daughter. Here is a picture of her making a quiche last month. I mean she made it from scratch -- which means the crust was NOT Pillsbury. That's my girl.

And then there she is serving it. (Oh, that makes me miss Allison!)

Life is sweet. Well, not the missing part.

Wait. Even the missing is sweet.

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Being Beth said...

I guess I'm a slow learner about goals -- but they always sound SO GOOD and LOGICAL! Oh well... I really appreciated your post, cause yesterday I felt just the same as i did years ago when I was whining about goals at BVCC. Poor Sam -- I think I sat there in Sam's office and literally bawled cause I just couldn't do what he needed me to do as far as setting goals for the children's ministry. I had goals (I always have goals), but I couldn't express them the way he needed me to...bad day for both of us. I still feel sorry for that sweet fella having to deal with this frustrated woman blubbering on him. In the end, BVCC was a positive in my life, and I learned a great deal from Sam for which I'll always be grateful and he's a guy I really have deep respect and affection for. I probably need to send him a note and tell him that myself. I'll add that to my goals (sans measurable and deadline, LOL)!

Thanks for thinking about possible roomies for Grant. And, no, Molly, much as I love her, would probably not be a good roommate for him, nor he for her! Ha!

Had to laff at the concept of "your half of the garage" --personally, I don't want half of the garage. Mark can have the whole thing and if it's full of garbage, then I don't have to think about it let alone clean it out.

I've not tried the skewered shrimp, but I do think the Archer Farms brand is really good. And, I am going to have to try that Italian Cream Cake from Market Street -- I love that bakery -- actually, I love that whole store! Going there is almost entertainment.

Have a great day. September is coming and that means so is Gloria's!!!! Ummmmm...

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