Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4 Things . . . no, 5 . . .

1. Pollo Campero chicken was pretty good last night. I didn't get any of their sides but will soon. I surveyed folks eating there, and their sides looked delicious.
2. Roto Rooter came to the rescue today. Our kitchen sink now drains.
3. Oh dear. Our coffee pot works only the half the time. . . which, of course, is not good.
4. Today I put some new roosters and crosses in my booth, and two new little tables and some wall hangings that have been in my trunk forever. I kind of obsessed when it came to redecorating the booth with this new stuff. Ah, but I mastered it. . . but now if someone buys something it will mess up the Feng Shui of the thing.
5. A week or so ago I wrote about two 'ugly' women who were sitting close to the piano in the tea room and talking loudly about how they disliked practically all the members and staff of their church, etc. Well, lately, there have only been gracious, loving, -which translates into 'beautiful'- women that have been sitting at that table. I don't want to take them for granted. I will dwell on the lovely things (Philippians 4:8) - and think of them. Really, everyday since that 'nasty day' there have been wonderful ladies in my presence. ----- Just so you know.

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