Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy weekend

Saturday night Will, Bailey, Sam and I went to Boi Na Braza for some wonderful Brazilian food. We were going there the previous Sunday noon to celebrated Will's 24th birthday but found out that the fancy Brazilian place has quit serving at noon. What a disappointment. (The prices were SO MUCH better at noon.) Ah, but, for a special celebration we decided to do it anyway. (And we will do a raincheck with Rob and Caroline (they were going to join us but we switched from Sun. night. to Sat. night)).

Then yesterday Mother and I went to Colfax (about 30 minutes west of Tyler) for the annual homecoming service and pot luck lunch at the Colfax Methodist Church. It was fun. And the food is always so amazing that today, of course, I'm on a diet.

Oh, and the antique mall was so crowded Friday and Saturday (and hopefully yesterday and today) with folks there for the sale. And I HAVE sold some good stuff. YAY! And the tea room was as busy as ever Saturday.

Today I'm taking it easy.

[Don't forget to pray for the hurricane victims.]

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