Friday, September 26, 2008

Special invitation . . .

What? Zero Church preview service! (Part of the time Sam will speak on the current financial crisis and how it affects you.)
Where? Bear Valley Community Church auditorium, 7900 Precinct Line Road, Colleyville, TX
When? Saturday, October 4, 2008, 5 o'clock pm. (It will only take one hour.)

Oh, and we're doing a Bruce Springsteen song. I'm singing backups. (I know, I'm getting out of my box.)

Oh, and we have a nursery with some sweet nursery workers.

IF YOU'RE READING THIS, YOU ARE INVITED!!! (And you can bring your friends and family!)


Being Beth said...

Thanks for checking out my MySpace site. Hope you like the stories. I'm trying to post a story a day, so check back often. You'll get a laff out of the story I posted today (just keep in mind that it is FICTION, LOL)!!!

I've got the preview service on my calendar and am looking forward to attending -- can't wait to hear your backup singing. You used to sing backup all the time -- I'd say you're not getting too far out of your box.

Unknown said...

Oooh, I don't see it fitting into our family plan (you know Saturdays!), but I would love to check this out!! First meeting; exciting!

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