Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Excitement builds . . .

The first preview service of ZeroChurch is this Saturday at 5 pm at Bear Valley. It should be exciting. We had the practice service a few weeks ago - and it had some definite glitches. Hopefully we've worked most of those out. Oh, and we've sent out lots of mailers. Maybe some of the recipients won't trash them (I do that with mailers, sad to say) and will show up. (We're praying for that.)
If you want to see Rob on the ZeroChurch website talking about what Sam will be speaking about Saturday (Doubt) click HERE and then click on that arrow thing under 'Coming Soon . . . '

Different note: Oklahoma City has a new NBA franchise and has decided to call the team Thunder. The team had been in Seattle and had the name SuperSonics. Long story short, they moved to Oklahoma and are getting a different name and team colors. More info can be found HERE. (I'm writing about this because, well, 3 out of 4 of my immediate family were born in Oklahoma! (I'm the only native Texan.) And Sam and I go there every month for business. We like crossing the Red River.)

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