Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yesterday I did one of my favorite things: I went to Gloria's with my dear friend, Beth. She introduced me to Gloria's when there was only one - in Oak Cliff in Dallas. Now there are many, it seems.
Yesterday we went to the one in Colleyville and did our usual - we split 'Nancy's Favorite' (yes, that is what it is called!). Here's a copied and pasted description from their website: Nancy's Favorite - A Tamal, pupusa, black beans and rice $7.00. It also has yummy cabbage salad, too. Anyway, it is El Salvadoran food and it is DELICIOUS!!!

Then Laura came home late last night from Dallas. She had eaten out with her boyfriend, Ryan, and his parents and where did they go? Gloria's in Rockwall!
She couldn't have had the Nancy's favorite because it's only on their lunch menu. She had something good, though. Oh yes.

On a different note, we're ready for IKE. Last night we moved all of our lawn furniture, etc., into the garage. Now it looks like we probably didn't need to. That's okay. That is so okay.


arg said...

Nancy - Francois and I ADORE Gloria's and I almost always order the Nancy Special! How funny! I have a bad habit though of calling it "Martha's" - the name of our favorite restaurant in Austin!

Elizabeth H. said...

Gloria's is delish!!

And can you believe that a) we hardly had any bad weather... and b) how BEAUTIFUL the weather is today?!

Being Beth said...

Friday afternoon -- GLORIA'S, finally seeing your beautiful house, chatting non-stop, laughing, getting to spend some time with Sam and Will -- best afternoon I've spent in forever. Thanks!!!

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