Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cap!!

Today Cap is 28 years old!
Last night we celebrated. Here are some pictures. (Don't forget you can click the picture to enlarge it - especially if you want to see the pictures on the tree better.)
Oh, and that picture of Cap blowing out his candles: notice my mother, she is so enamored with Baby Andrew she missed the whole thing!


Being Beth said...

Your life is suddenly brimming with happy family times. All these wonderful posts of your Monday night family meals, birthdays, weddings, showers, and births make me smile.

You are a living example of God's greatest blessings being lavished on his children. Rich...RICH!

Loved the photo of Cap blowing out the candles and your mom in the background. That photo is a keeper.

Andrew has grown SO MUCH!!! Oh my goodness, he's really changing.

And little Caroline with the shoes that perfectly match her little outfit - too cute!

Oh, and thanks for your comment on my blog. I didn't realize I'd inadvertently asked a question - didn't really mean to do that, just wanted to invite readers to think beyond the obvious. Based on lack of response, I guess I overwhelmed my audience. LOL!

Yesterday I went to CD Baby and listened to samples of your CD -- your mom's comment is right on -- your music is so soothing, yet doesn't lull me into a stupor. I think it would be good to use as background music when I write. You've got another fan! What I think is the BEST of all is that I know JUST how happy you were when you played it, cause your passion comes through between the notes.

laura said...

caroline has gotten pretty good at smiling, though i can't say the same about andrew

Elizabeth H. said...

LOL @ Laura's comment about Andrew smiling... we were JUST talking about how he is very discriminatory with who he shares his smiles!

And yes, Happy Birthday CAP!

Unknown said...

Shouldn't Cap still be like 4?

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