Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Like mother, like daughter . . .

Sweet little Caroline is her mother all over again.

I went with Elizabeth and baby Andrew to pick up Caroline at her preschool this afternoon. What an experience! Young mothers were everywhere. And some au pairs were there, too. And most of them drove there in their snazzy SUVs (that is not an oxymoron, in my book).

I carried little Andrew in my arms through the halls, walking, walking, down the beautiful halls at that classy place. Elizabeth was directing our way there. It was quite a journey.
Finally we made it. And there she was, Caroline - with her little pigtails still intact. Darling, darling.
She showed me around. (Well, I looked around.)

Then the teacher gave us her report: Caroline is the little mother of the class! (Actually, not in those exact words.)
But really that is what the teacher 'said'.

Little Caroline knows each of the other little student's name, and their tippy cup, and blanket-thing they use for naps. She can hand them out to each little student. She's quite the little mother. The teachers had to put up the tippy cups (up high) so Caroline wouldn't hand them out whenever she wanted to!

And all that reminds me of Elizabeth some twenty four-five years ago. She went to daycare since was about a year old. And she was the mother figure. . . taking care of everybody . . . even at that tiny age.

(I hope she doesn't mind me writing this.)

Life is sweet.


laura said...

that's so cute!

Being Beth said...

Man oh man, I need a baby fix like that. What a cute photo, and I loved the way you wrote about Elizabeth and Caroline. Your description of their being a little mother brought back memories of my own.

Looks like Sam had a fantastic birthday celebration -- loved the photo of him blowing out the candles (with your help -- great candid shot.

Your blog is so much fun -- full of family, love, interesting random facts and information. IT's one of my favorites.

Elizabeth H. said...

I'm glad you came with us! It was fun! And I have got to get a CD with all of your pictures... you have so many good ones!!

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