Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lot's been happening . . .

. . . don't know quite where to start.

I guess I'll start with a trip to the ER. (That got your attention?)

This morning a freak accident with some sharp scissors caused Elizabeth to call needing help. She needed to go get stitches in her hand and with 2 little ones, well, help WAS needed. I was glad - so glad- to oblige. I didn't want her driving herself to the ER so the four of us got into the car and off we went. Fortunately she didn't need stitches but some special kind of bandages (forget the name) and a tetanus shot. She is faring well, now, but John will have to bathe the babies for the next 2 days since she can't get her hand wet.

Different note: Laura came home for a quick visit with the oral surgeon about her wisdom teeth. As I write she's having her appointment. Even though the reason for her trip home was not super wonderful, it WAS super wonderful to see her. It always is.

Oh, I had fun at a party Saturday night in friends' Sophie and David's backyard. David sang a song he wrote called "Dr. Kevorkian". It was a hoot. And I brought Sam (who was home -kind of sick) some of Sophie's famous chili. He felt better after that!

Sunday Sam and I went to Fellowship Church's satellite location near downtown Fort Worth. The Sunday before that we went to Life Church's satellite location in southwest Fort Worth. Both of these churches' campuses had live music, but the sermons were viewed on big screens. I didn't think I would like that idea, but I did kind of. Well, I mean I did not not like it.
Afterwards we went to my most favorite place in the universe to eat: Joe. T. Garcia's.

(Those two pictures are worth at least two thousand words.)

Different note: Will and I just splurged on some boba tea. Mmm, very good, Bailey! (I don't think I need to eat supper now.)

Finally some advice: don't take your money out of the bank and hide it under your mattress. One of my dear mother's friends suggested something like that to her. When Sam found out he immediately had me call Mother and tell her not to do that. Fortunately she hadn't.



caroline said...

oh wow!! I'm glad she didn't have to get stitches!
Joe T's is one of my favorites too!
And yes, let's get together sometime!!

Elizabeth H. said...

Thank you SO much for coming yesterday morning!!!! So so so much!!
And Joe T's sounds so delicious. I still need to take John!
Is Boba tea the same as Bubble Tea?? Is it from that Dragon Berries place?

Nancy said...

Elizabeth, you're welcome! Call me ANYTIME you need me. ANYTIME!!!!

Yes, I think Boba tea is bubble tea. (Is that right, Bailey?) And no, that place wasn't called Dragon Berries place.

I answered your question also on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, boba tea is also called bubble tea or pearl tea. It's a taiwanese drink, so you can find places that make them all over the place.

Anonymous said...

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