Thursday, September 11, 2008

Skirts . . .

Yesterday in the tea room we had a lot of skirts. First, there was a party of about fifteen women who had the 'look' of what I used to know as Pentecostal Holiness ladies. They had long skirts and long hair mostly put up in 'buns', and no makeup.

That makes me think of when we were language school in Brazil in the early eighties. There were Pentecostal Holiness missionaries, who would have fit in with the ladies yesterday. There were also some Assembly of God missionaries. Their ladies didn't come from America to Brazil with long hair and only skirts, but found out that the Brazilian Assembly of God women were supposed to look like Pentecostal Holiness women. That meant that those missionary ladies had to quit wearing makeup and jeans, and let their hair grow. One of them was having a hard time with it. . . but she was committed to do the Lord's work in Brazil, so she was doing it. It was sad, I thought, that she would be effective in the churches dressed like that, but would alienate people not in those churches.
I mean, yesterday, when those sweet ladies were meeting I felt funny playing "I Could Have Danced All Night".
Maybe I shouldn't have - played it, that is.

Oh, then we had a man come in wearing a kilt. I tried to think of some Scottish songs to play, but could only think of "My Wild Irish Rose". . . so I played something else.


Being Beth said...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy -- you make me laugh. At least the last line about "My Wild Irish Rose."

I agree about the fine line Christians have to walk so often between being acceptable within the culture of their particular church and trying to remain approachable to the rest of the world. It's a real dilemma. I think it's sad that anybody has to even make that choice when their hearts beat in cadence with God's -- who is not bothered as much about about fashion and outward appearance as he is about the condition of peoples souls.

laura said...

Cool! The kilt I mean. I wrote about kilts in my paper about the culture of Scotlad

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