Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today . . .

-I got my house cleaned by Cottage Care. I LOVE having my house cleaned by Cottage Care. Mmm.
-I got my hair cut and colored by Marti. I LOVE having my hair done.
-I got a manicure and a pedicure by Sofia. I LOVE having all my nails 'done'. My toe nails are red; my hand nails are buffed. She used this buffing cream that makes my nails shine - without having to have clear polish on them. The last time I had my nails buffed they shined for like 2 weeks.
-I got my oil changed - well, my car's oil changed. (I didn't much love that. . . but I did LOVE checking it off my list.)
-I paid some bills - the ones we pay by snail mail. (I loved that less . . . but I liked checking it off my list.
-During most of this time I was reading my new favorite book, Nora Ephron's I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK. What a fun read.

Tonight Mother and I are having a girl's night out. I LOVE girls' nights out. I told her to pick the place to eat. It will be fun to see what she picks. Then I'll spend the night with her. It's been way too long since we've done this - eat out together and then have our own slumber party.

There was - and is - a lot of self-pampering going on today and tonight.
I will not apologize.
I am worth it.


Carmack said...

I just read this blog post. I LOVE this blog post!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wanted to say thank you again for the CD and lunch and all the other day. That was really fun. I will be giving it to my mom tonight, because it will be the first time I've seen her since I saw you!

Anyway, thanks again! And it was great getting to hear you play. I like moon river.

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