Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 Recommendations . . .

1.One week from tonight (is 5 o'clock night?) Zero Church starts meeting weekly. I recommend that you go (or come?). Sam put up a new video on the website. He starts out doing a sleight-of-hand coin trick, then he talks. I know you'll want to see it. The music is one of Will's songs. Click HERE for it.

2. I recommend "The Mentalist" as a good new show to watch. It's on CBS on Tuesday nights. Sam and I are TiVoing it every Tuesday night. We're fans.

3. I recommend El Monterey Enchiladas. You can find them in the freezer section of the grocery store (I get them at Target). I really like them . . .whether they're cheese, beef, or chicken - they're all good. They come on rice, so all you need besides that is a can of El Paso refried beans and maybe some tortilla chips. It's a good meal!

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