Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't forget . . .

Tomorrow (Oct. 4) at 5 pm ZeroChurch is having its second preview service! It will be in the new auditorium of Bear Valley Church - 7900 Precinct Line Road, Colleyville, TX. I know you'll want to be there because Sam (my hubby) will address the financial crisis these days and how it relates to the average American. He has 30 years of banking experience. Well, if you count when as a teen he was the janitor of his dad's bank - and he was cleaning bathrooms, spittoons, etc. - he has over 40 years of experience! Anyway, you won't want to miss what this pastor/banker has to say.

On a different note, if you want some really good reading material go to and read some of her stories. Talk about 'good reads'. Really. She has won many writing contests in the last few years. . . and for good reason.

Finally, I thought the VP debate went really well last night. Yes. . . I had a "whew!" moment when it was over.

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Being Beth said...

Thanks for the plug Nancy! I'm going to post another story today.

I just love your autumn tree -- makes me want to bake a pumpkin pie. Maybe I will.

See you tonight!

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