Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Fort Worth STAR TELEGRAM had this picture today. It's the winner of their pumpkin carving contest. The person who did it is a 2007 graduate of DBU. Click HERE to read about it. (Caroline, you might know her!)

Today has already been very, very full and it's just 2:15. I'm too tired to tell you all about it. . . but it had to do with the Dallas County jail, the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, a big flea market, and Mexican food at Dos Gringos.

Now I'm gonna rest.

(Oh, I just realized the appropriateness of that pumpkin - seeing as Sam and I were visiting the jail this morning. Odd- that.)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I saw this in the paper this morning! It made me laugh out loud. Seriously?!? :)

caroline said...

Oh my gosh I totally know Cassie! I went there with her all 4 years! she WOULD make the best pumpkin! wow that is amazing. small world!

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