Friday, October 17, 2008

Leavin' town . . .

Today my mother and I are flying to Albuquerque to visit with my aunt and cousins, one of whom will be there from Costa Rica where she and her husband have retired. My uncle from Tennessee and cousin from Alabama will also be there. It should be a fun time.

My daughter won't be there, though. She's in Long Island! She was even there during the debate the other night. (She's on an art history class trip.) I hope she has fun. . . but it will have to be during their tours and stuff (which, of course, it should be). They have virtually no free time! I don't think she'll get to go to the David Letterman show.

Speaking of that (do you like my segue?), I'm watching the TiVoed Letterman show with McCain. McCain is doing a good job, I think.   HOWEVER, when anybody (this case, Letterman) is grilling him on Palin's lack of experience, why doesn't McCain come back with, 'what about Obama's lack of experience'?  Obama is running for president for goodness' sake.  (I guess that has been run into the ground?  I don't think so!)
(Oops, there I went -getting political.)  

I'll leave you with this wacky picture I found - that has nothing to do with anything:


Being Beth said...

Albuquerque -- I was born there and lived there for four years and then spent every summer there with my grandparents. October is the BEST month ever to go there - the sky is amazing in October and crisp mornings, warm afternoons. Did I mention the gorgeous sky? Um-mmmmm. Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

I would much rather be going to New Mexico than waiting on 95 people tomorrow morning!! Wish you were gonna be there to play Moon River while our heads spin off into space :)

laura said...

I don't think McCain would be defending Palin by pointing to Obama's lack of experience. It would kind of be hypocritical, because McCain would be saying that it's okay that Palin doesn't have much experience but it's not okay that Obama doesn't have much experience. If one is going to say that experience is important, then it has to be across the board, not just for whichever candidate one likes. I don't know if all that made sense.

And we were actually still delayed a the airport in Austin during the debates. We didn't get to our hotel until 3 am Wednesday night. That was a big bummer.

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