Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

I've got my Yankee 'autumn spice' candle burning. I had 'boycotted' Yankee Candles a while back - due to what I think is lack of scent compared to Tyler candles and another brand whose name I can almost remember but not quite. I was in a Hallmark store, though, the other day and decided to try them out again. I was wanting a fall scent around. Well, I'm back a fan. Even in this big house that candle does a good job making it feel cozy.

Speaking of this big house, we've been here longer than any other! This past June marked seven years. Our last house we were in for exactly seven. Time flies. Seems like just yesterday one of my offspring took a picture of me literally pulling my hair out from the frustration of workers in and out all the time working on (in) Sam's study that first summer. They were going to be done in 2 months, then 3. . . then 9. (I wish I could find that picture just now. I'd post it. - A picture is worth a thousand words (which I'm good for, too).

I HAVE been busy lately - with stuff. In honor of that, here is a cartoon:

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laura said...

Wow! Seven years! Thats exciting. It doesnt feel like that long, probably because when we re modeled the house felt new again.

I like your cartoons, especially that math one a few posts back (the one where a miracle occurs). i just caught up on your blog, that's why I'm telling you that now.

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