Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There was Bill . . .

When Mother and I were in the airport to head home from Albuquerque I looked over and saw who I thought might be Bill Richardson, New Mexico's governor. Sure enough! And I was impressed . . . he shook hands with every person who came by and recognized him. He seemed so very nice to everyone. . . .
and then he boarded our plane!   And he kept being so nice (I watched).

He was once a contender for the Democratic nominee for president. Though not as wowy, he is so much more qualified to be my president than Obama.
Speaking of that, click HERE to read my nephew-in-law's post with which I agree.  It's the Oct. 21st post (in case there's one later).

I hope you haven't boycotted my blog now (after that).  . . . because I do want all my Obama-supporter friends and family to know that I DO understand why you want a change of guard.  And even if I didn't understand, I do want you do know that I respect your right to have a different opinion.  

And I love you.  
Really.  If you're reading this blog I do love you (well, unless I don't know you).
But then, I COULD love you.  
Platonically, of course.
There's only one I love romantically.  
Only one.  


Being Beth said...

I love you too, nancy -- even though we're not gonna vote for the same presidential candidate. Funny -- I wrote a typo -- instead of vote I wrote veto - maybe that's what we all should do -- veto the presidential candidates have everyone write in Bill Richardson or even better -- Collin Powell. Back when Ann Richards and Clayton Williams were running for Texas Governor, I got so irritated with both candidates that I wrote in "Mark Lahaie." With no political experience, I thought he'd be a better governor. Sometimes we just have to vote for what we feel is the lesser of two evils, which is what John basically said in his blog. Maybe we should write in "John Huffman" and vote against both candidates. Now that would be something. Elizabeth would beke a lovely first lady, don't you think?

I'm rambling...

I enjoy your blog so much. Always fresh and interesting.

Have a great day!

Being Beth said...

Elizabeth would "BEKE??????" a lovely first lady -- I must have had a stroke. I meant MAKE. Geez -- typo city this morning. LOL

Being Beth said...

Thanks for your note, Nancy. Actually, the Nano month starts Nov. 1, so I've got a week before I go nuts. I've not done much writing the past couple of weeks. Instead, I've done some much neglected and needed deep cleaning -- drawers, cabinets, closets, blinds, light fixtures, etc. I guess I'm trying to get ready for a month of nothing other than writing.

Total change of subject...who do you use to tune your piano?

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