Saturday, October 11, 2008

Paula Deen was in the tea room today . . .

. . . well, her voice was - on (in?) about 15 women. Maybe wearing a hat gives you a Paula Deen voice? Hmm.

There was this group of about 15 ladies wearing fancy hats. They brought their own decorations, making their tables very fall-like and very pretty. They were in the main area of the tea room, as we had two other parties in the party area. Anyway, they were gushing and carrying on - all with a strong southern drawl. I had seen Paula Deen on the Today show yesterday and recognized her voice immediately today. It was great fun. And they gave me a big tip and asked if I would play "How Great Thou Art" and "Moon River" - which, of course, I did gladly.

Oh, did you know that 'Moon River' is supposed to be a river near Savannah? That's what I read somewhere. Small world.

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