Saturday, November 1, 2008

For today . . .

You've probably heard this: we had 2 earthquakes - here! - well, in Irving, actually, but people in Euless and Bedford felt them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn't. Click HERE to read about it.

Tonight is Zero Church. The music is Tom Petty's "The King's Highway". It's the easiest keyboard part I've ever ever ever EVER played. Only on the chorus I play the high G note - sustaining it throughout the chorus. That's it. I have to say it does sound good. It's a string patch - so I guess you could say I'm the violinist of the band.

Sam is getting his magic stuff together for the magic show tonight (well, at 5) at church. It's been a long time since he's done any magic. He was practicing his sleight of hand and commented that his fingers are not as agile as they used to be! He could do it, though.
By the way, it is a 'Christian magic show' (some would call that an oxymoron) because he uses the tricks to make points.

That makes me think of how some Christians are highly opposed to Halloween (I used to be). Now I see it as fun - and nothing to make an issue of. The other day, though, we had a group of ladies in the tea room that commented to me how they didn't like seeing another group of ladies wearing witches' hats at their party. The first group gave me as a tip (as they usually do) a tract written by Kenneth Hagin.
That made me think of this cartoon. (I hope you don't think this is sacrilegious - I think it's funny.)

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