Thursday, November 13, 2008

Looking out my front door . . .

This shows that we have some autumn going on here, don't you think?
oh, and this shows that I put out the garbage yesterday afternoon. (That's not a big black rock.)

We go to Oklahoma today. I'm expecting to see some pretty fall trees, well, if they're not past their prime. Oklahoma doesn't usually get fall foliage tours but when you grow up in Mission, Texas, in the Lower Rio Grande Valley - with hardly any season change- you think Oklahoma offers some pretty good tours. Especially through the Arbuckle Mountains near Falls Creek. mmm.

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Being Beth said...

That's a nice view, even the "black rock", lol. Have fun in OK, and I hope you do see some autumn color.

Thanks for your comment -- yeah, Anna Jane is pretty spunky, an alter ego perhaps. It's hard to be objective from this vantage point. Ya made me laugh though. you've probably seen "spunky" and beyond, haha.

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