Thursday, November 20, 2008

Power . . .

Zero Church is dealing with the topic of Power this Saturday night. Sam and I were talking about it at breakfast. Well, because he has been sickly and is wondering if he'll be up to preaching. -- Whoa . . . I've never preached before, but I have talked in front of groups. His sermon outline shouldn't be too hard to follow. . .

I'm basically kidding. Behind the pulpit (though we don't have one) is not a place I want to be. And we know it will all work out -as it always does- as to how the service goes Sat. night, that is.

Last week's service was on sex. It was good. I only grabbed Jamie's arm once during the talk. She was sitting next to me and I feel comfortable enough around her that I can grab her arm if I feel like grabbing onto somebody after a wild thing is said. Anyway, Sam gave a good, and definitely interesting talk. The week before that he talked about money. That was good, also. This week - power. My thought was how can that be as interesting? But talking with him at breakfast it became clear to me that that IS interesting - and a POWERful topic.

Especially in the culture we live in . . . where beauty is power, and youth is power, and money is power, and intellect is power, etc., etc. It's like (Sam said) we're all basically living 'in high school'. We all want to get the attention - but the right kind of attention. We all want the power.

And Jesus turns it all on its head. . . by serving. And dying. Oh, and by being born as a helpless baby, instead of making his first appearance as a powerful king.

So that's how this post is today.

Comment if you like. Even if you don't like. I'm needy when it comes to comments.

I know, it's a weakness of mine, this neediness. Hmm. Maybe I don't need any comments - but just need to bask in my weakness . . . yeah, that's what I'm needing . . . Hmm. . .

Any comments?


Being Beth said...

"We're all living in high school" -- WOW -- that is SO true. You'd think we would grow up -- I mean as a society.

We tend to always put ourselves into a win/lose type of stance, especially hen it comes to power. IN order to maintain our level of power, we have to win. And, that means that the other person has to lose. Where's love in that situation? Where is God in that situation?

The more I take the position of "I don't have to win" the more I find real strength and power. When I don't HAVE to win, I can just BE who I am and that's enough. I can then accept that the next person without a struggle for power or recognition or acceptance and can let them just be who they are, and it's enough. That's power, and I believe that's also love.

I feel God's smile (often in the realm of inner peace) when I choose to live this way.

It's a lot easier than always scratching and clawing for recognition, power, acceptance in a win/lose, either/or situation.

Moving on, I really enjoyed seeing your family dinner photos -- Charlotte is so cute, and I love the shot of you feeding Lewis, so sweet.

And in response to your comment on my blog about reading a book this way -- it's like the old serials in magazines - like Dickens, and C. Conan Doyle used to publish their work. I'm not comparing myself to them, though, LOL! People used to literally wait of the docks for the next installment of a Dicken's novel, and magazine sales went through the roof when a Sherlock Holmes story was being run in bits and pieces.

I read Grishom's "The Painted House" month by month in the Oxford American Magazine, and loved it. it's a different way t oread, but it's effective. TV uses it a lot -- like these reality shows, or Lost, ER, Grey's Anatomy - they are all serial and people still "wait on the docks" for the next installment. In some ways, my readers are fortunate they don't have to wait a whole week or month -- it's coming every day.

It's been a fantastic experience for me, and in doing it I've learned as much about myself as I have a bout the writing process.

Well, you asked for comments, and so I wrote you a book, haha.

Looking at the first week of December, Tuesday the 2nd, or Wed. the 3rd would be the best days for me. Mark will be out of town so I have a lot of freedom on those day since I don't have to cook supper. Let me know if either of those days will work out for you.

Carmack said...

I have no comment to make in particular, but I'd hate to see a request for comments go unanswered.


Being Beth said...

The 2nd is perfect. Late lunch is even better. Yea! We've got it on the calendar.

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