Monday, November 10, 2008

"Rainy Days and Mondays"

I played in the tea room today and started out by playing that song (because it was raining when I got there). I used to love that song. Well, I still like it but it seems kind of depressing.
I also played "Singing in the Rain" and "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head". Oh, and I played "Monday, Monday", too.
And because it's autumn I played "Autumn Leaves".
(Is that not an awful picture of The Carpenters?)

I rarely play on Mondays but I hadn't seen Trish in awhile and I knew she was working today, so I went and played.

Anyway, not much news.

Oh, we had 32 at Zero Church Saturday. Sam talked about money. It was a very good talk. This Saturday he's talking about sex, so I know you'll all want to come!!


laura said...

this rainy day and monday is not getting me down. it feels nice actually.

and i love those pictures of you and caroline! you look a lot alike

Elizabeth H. said...

I'm eating those cookies and drinking coffee and thinking of you!

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