Friday, November 28, 2008

This will make you smile . . .

And here was the Thanksgiving crew yesterday. Well, Sam is behind the camera.
I did get out the fancy table cloth but left the fine china dishes in their boxes in the attic. (They're not the boss of me.)


Elizabeth H. said...

What a beautiful thanksgiving table!!!! I hope y'all had a great day!!! We missed y'all!

Being Beth said...

Cute CUTE photo of Andrew and Elizabeth. You're right, it made me smile.

We are so much alike. I put the fancy tablecloth on the table but I left my china in the hutch this year too. Here's to NOT being dominated by guilt and tradition! I even skipped the turkey in favor of a pre-cooked ham. I'm getting smart in my old age. Plus, I was pretty much spent after those two days of writing marathon I did Tuesday and Wednesday.

Your meal looks like it was delicious, and that you had a very nice holiday.

We had a good time too, small and simple, with only five at our table. Meredith's friend Matt came, and Jordan went to Arkansas with his girlfriend's family. I missed him being with us, but he sent me a Happy Thanksgiving text message which I loved.

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