Sunday, November 23, 2008

We made it . . .

. . . through Zero Church last night. Then Sam and I came home and collapsed. Now we're on the mend.

Here's something I thought was funny:


Being Beth said...

That's a funny cartoon.

Re: your comment on my blog. I hit my first day of feeling discouraged yesterday. I am sort of getting tired of the unrelenting pace, and here it is only one week to go, so I had no slack. I think it is mainly that this last week also includes a huge holiday, and I'm the chief cook, haven't gone to the grocery store, haven't cleaned my house, and I felt like I'd written myself into a corner. Actually, I sort of have done that, but I decided to just carry on and sort it out in December. Right now, I REALLY want to meet the 50K word goal, and still keep the story moving along without writing complete junk. The biggest thing is I need to do some research and I need to take a few days to think some details through and I don't have the time.

So, all that to say your note of encouragement and understanding came at the perfect time. I just came up to the cave to do todays writing, and found your comment which gave me a real boost. I'll take you up on the celebration offer when we get together. Nothing like GLORIA'S for FREE as the ultimate reward for pushing through this oh-so-busy week ahead.

Have I told you lately that you are one of my dearest friends? If not, I should have, cause you are. Thanks for that.

Keep on taking good care of yourself -- no relapses allowed on Thanksgiving week.

laura said...

haha. i like that.

see you tuesday!

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