Sunday, December 7, 2008

I just want to say this:

Everywhere I go I read or hear about the new study on happiness. That it's contagious and that it's healthy. That would bring a big DUH, huh? But isn't it nice? Finally proof of what I've known all along. (Click HERE for the article from and HERE for the one from

I used to not be happy. I remember years ago people asking me why I never smiled. Well, life was a drag. What was there to smile about? Perky people nauseated me.

Very long story short: now I'm happy. Very long story short: I quit taking care of the universe and let God do it.

That probably sounds too perky. Too not-intelligent.
So sue me.

For fun, here's a crazy cartoon.


laura said...

i can't believe you used to be not-smiley. Now you are Miss Smiley. Which isn't unintelligent, it is awesome.

and i like that cartoon. i laughed out loud

Anonymous said...

I agree with Laura - I can't imagine you without a smile on your face! You always force ME to smile! :)

My Dad told me tonight that I need to relax and not worry about the entire universe. But man, that is hard to do! I'm glad to hear you struggled with the same thing. I'm working on it.

caroline said...

you are definitely one of the happiest people I know!
And that cartoon cracks me up. I put it as my desktop picture so I could laugh all day.

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