Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm a rock star!

My daughter just told me I was a rock star- and a dealer in the antique mall said I was a rock star. . . so I just HAD to tell YOU that I'm a rock star.
I know. You're surprised.
Really, I'm an OLD HYMN star.
You see, I've just put out a new CD of mellow piano music - with me playing old hymns. . . and it is taking off!! Yesterday, I sold 22 CDs!! One lady bought 16 and one lady bought 5 and someone else bought 1. The days prior to that I've sold at least 1 a day (that's for the last 3 weeks). Nothing else in my booth is selling, but those CDs are!!! That's really thanks to Mario who turns on the CD player in my booth every morning. Thanks, Mario!

Some of you who read this blog will be getting one soon from me, okay? OKAY! (Well, that's if you want one.)

1 comment:

Being Beth said...

Rock Star. Old Hymn Star -- doesn't matter which kind because the point of importance is that you are a STAR!!!! Woohoo! Go nancy!!!!!!

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