Friday, December 12, 2008

I've been tagged . . .

My lovely niece, Elizabeth, tagged me, so that means that I am now going to tell you 6 INTERESTING facts about myself . . . and then tag 6 of you and you'll have to write 6 INTERESTING things about YOURSELF on YOUR blog. (Well, if you want to. I hope you do.)

Here goes:
1.) The only bone I've ever broken is my little toe on my right foot - about ten years ago. Oh my did it hurt!
2.) I started riding roller coasters when I was 43 - and it opened up all of Six Flags -and every other theme park-for me. What a thrill.
3.) I have the same birthday as Nicolas Cage and Katie Couric.
4.) I am a big fan of the actor Tom Berenger. Where has he been lately?
5.) I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate.
6.) I had a pet dachshund as a child and her name was Sheila.

Okay. I'm tagging the following:
(click each name to go to his/her blog and hopefully soon he/she will have listed his/her 6 interesting facts. As you can tell, they don't have to be important facts.)
Beth -
John C.
(Oh, is that nine?!)

There are many others I could tag, but they either don't have a blog, or don't post very often (because they have good reasons (like Jennifer who is SWAMPED with 3 little ones and being a pastor's wife, and Rob who, well, has more on his plate than four people). I'm not punishing them by omitting them. They're probably relieved.

If you want to be tagged, though, and weren't, then I'm tagging you now. YOU'RE IT!!!


Being Beth said...

I posted mine!

laura said...

i haven't posted mine yet. But I don't think you should have broken the rules and tagged nine, because that then limits the people we can tag. LIke, I can't tag April or John now because you cheated and put nine.

But I enjoyed your facts. I don't know who Tom Berenger is.

Elizabeth H. said...

I never knew about your dog Sheila?! Very interesting!

(And I also don't know who Tom Berenger is.)

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