Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday morning . . .

The wind is howling outside. Leaves are blowing everywhere, especially into the pool. (I have a love/hate relationship with pools. - Life is rough.)

I feel as if I've been given an hour all to myself. I was getting ready to cook breakfast for Sam (which almost always means cooking bacon, eggs, and toast - he has low cholesterol). He came into the kitchen saying he decided to go the seminary meeting after all so he'd just grab an Egg McMuffin on the way. Don't get me wrong. I love eating breakfast with Sam. The cooking part I like so-so. When I'm suddenly given the 'morning off', though, well, I get excited. So here I am - excited. And I got to finish off one of those blueberry muffins from Market Street that I got Thanksgiving week. Sweet. Now I don't eat lunch till 2 when I meet author Beth at Gloria's (YUM) to celebrate her finishing that novel!! (Hopefully I'll get a picture of the celebration.)

Oh, last night Elizabeth had us over to their house for supper. It was so fun. . . and delicious: homemade French onion soup and Caesar salad. I've copied a picture from her blog to put on mine. (I hope you don't mind, E.)

I guess I could call my blog 'The Eats Blog'.

Life is yummy.


Elizabeth H. said...

I don't mind!

Leaves are ALL over too... John had to clean out the pool filter last night. Its crazy.

Last night was fun!

laura said...

looks fun! wish I could have joined

And thanks for putting up those santa pictures! i like

Being Beth said...

We didn't take any pictures!!! I had my iPhone with me and planned to take some photo's of our lunch and never thought about it once we got started talking. WEll, i guess we'll just have to go back to Gloria's again and have a photo shoot!

What a lovely table and family meal at Elizabeths. I'm pretty impressed that Elizabeth made such a yummy dinner with two babies to care for. WOW!!!

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