Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday was quite a day.

Mother, Elizabeth, Caroline, Andrew and I made the trek to the Colfax Cemetery, about 10 miles east of Canton, to put poinsettias on the grave sites of my dad and my twin sister (Elizabeth's mom and Caroline and Andrew's 'Grandma Peggy'). Elizabeth had made some signs that Caroline (and maybe Andrew) had drawn on. One said, "We love you, Granddaddy Andy, Love Caroline and Andrew. The other one said, "We love you, Grandma Peggy. Love Caroline and Andrew". (I may have not gotten the words exactly right - I was so touched by those signs - and yet, I'll have to go back and make sure what they said. (Tears blur my vision.))
Yes, it was very emotional, which, in my view, is good. Healing, if you will. We stood around and hugged each other. I took some pictures, but may post them later. Then we said a prayer before we got back into the car. Then we drove by White Haven, the old homesite of my great grandparents, and where my mother and dad built a home in '77 and lived there till '05. Oh, the memories there. As we got close to the house we saw a lady getting mail out of the mailbox. We stopped and introduced ourselves. She was so nice. She yelled at her husband, who was in the barn, to come down to the road and meet us. He was so nice, too. He said he'd been wanting to meet Mother. He said that he and his son (who's in high school) have found old jars and stuff around that must have been from the time my great grandparents lived there. We said, yes, there's probably lots of stuff just under the ground waiting to be found. My dad used to use a geiger counter thing to find treasures. Anyway, we talked quite a bit- which was great. I was hoping they would invite us in, but they didn't. Turned out my mother did not want to go in anyway, which I understand. One of these days, I want to go for walk-through, though I'll probably cry the whole time. Those people (the Smiths), though, struck me as the kind of folk who would let anybody cry. (That's my kind of people.)
After that we went into Canton and ate some comfort food (that we all very much needed) at The Sisters' Cafe. Elizabeth said she knew was going to like it because of the sign out front: 'Put a little South in Your Mouth'. And we did. YUM.
It was a long, teary day. But VERY GOOD. And that little Caroline and baby Andrew made it WONDERFUL. They were SO good. Well, we thought Caroline would take a nap on the long drive home but, no, she made sweet sounds, mostly talking and singing and one time when her mother said 'Don't be so loud because Nana is sleeping', Caroline yelled, 'DON'T BE SO LOUD, K- LINE!' (something like that).
Anyway, I hope everyone on that trip can rest today - well, and you, too, reader.

Yeah. LET'S ALL GET SOME REST!! ..... and cry some more if we need to.


Being Beth said...

And this post is why I love you.

You understand.

laura said...

what a day. thanks for sharing it

Anonymous said...

that is a very pretty area out around canton and further east...i used to live out there. and sometimes i miss the pine trees. thank you for sharing the day.

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