Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me and Nicolas Cage . . .

. . . have a lot in common. We have the same initials (mmjw is an alias) AND we are both celebrating today! He's turned 45 today and I've turned a few years older than that. (Don't ask me why I'm using the word 'turned'.)

I used to not understand why women wouldn't tell their age. Now I do (understand). It's not that they don't want people to know that they're really THAT old, it's that they don't want people to think, 'gee, I thought she was A LOT older!'

Most folks my age try to let their birthdays go by unnoticed. At least with little hoopla. Me, I'm all about celebrating.
I've declared today MY DAY. I will do what I want, eat what I want, go where I want, and - let's see-, think what I want, watch what I want (I tivoed last night's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (he's so funny), and BE what I want (a bum the whole day- except for tonight when I go eat Mexican food with my wonderful family.)

It will be - is being- a great day.

P. S. I'm thinking about not using 'mmjw' anymore, but being my true self, and using 'nc' or 'nwc' . . . or even (this is daring) 'Nancy'. Ah, ..... I'll do a poll. YES! TAKE THE POLL, PLEASE .... up on the left side of the blog.


Being Beth said...

I always think you are YOUNGER than your age!

Happy Birthday!

I like your plans for the day -- you deserve a day of PJ's and bonbons.

Carmack said...

Hahaha the thing about hiding one's age is hilarious!

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

laura said...

happy brithday!! i mean birthday.

Elizabeth H. said...

1) Happy Birthday!

2) Not telling your age reminds me of Grandmother. I still don't know how old she really is because every time I asked when we were growing up, she said 24.

3) I totally just voted for Miss America. You could BE Miss America. Well, Mrs. since you're married... you have the looks and talent to prove it!

Bailey Jo said...

happy birthday, friend! i hope you are enjoying a wonderful day of relaxation and fun. i can't wait to give you a big birthday hug tonight.

Sara Elizabeth said...

I voted for your alias. I'm a creature of habit. ;)

Happy Brithday "Aunt Nancy".

If you aren't mmjw, then you will be "Aunt Nancy" to me. :)

Being Beth said...

I wasn't thinking when I posted a comment this morning -- we are SO going to GLORIA'S (can you hear me singing the name???) to celebrate your birthday -- my treat of course! Name the first possible date, and we'll DO IT!