Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me and Nicolas Cage . . .

. . . have a lot in common. We have the same initials (mmjw is an alias) AND we are both celebrating today! He's turned 45 today and I've turned a few years older than that. (Don't ask me why I'm using the word 'turned'.)

I used to not understand why women wouldn't tell their age. Now I do (understand). It's not that they don't want people to know that they're really THAT old, it's that they don't want people to think, 'gee, I thought she was A LOT older!'

Most folks my age try to let their birthdays go by unnoticed. At least with little hoopla. Me, I'm all about celebrating.
I've declared today MY DAY. I will do what I want, eat what I want, go where I want, and - let's see-, think what I want, watch what I want (I tivoed last night's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (he's so funny), and BE what I want (a bum the whole day- except for tonight when I go eat Mexican food with my wonderful family.)

It will be - is being- a great day.

P. S. I'm thinking about not using 'mmjw' anymore, but being my true self, and using 'nc' or 'nwc' . . . or even (this is daring) 'Nancy'. Ah, ..... I'll do a poll. YES! TAKE THE POLL, PLEASE .... up on the left side of the blog.


Being Beth said...

I always think you are YOUNGER than your age!

Happy Birthday!

I like your plans for the day -- you deserve a day of PJ's and bonbons.

Carmack said...

Hahaha the thing about hiding one's age is hilarious!

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

laura said...

happy brithday!! i mean birthday.

Elizabeth H. said...

1) Happy Birthday!

2) Not telling your age reminds me of Grandmother. I still don't know how old she really is because every time I asked when we were growing up, she said 24.

3) I totally just voted for Miss America. You could BE Miss America. Well, Mrs. since you're married... you have the looks and talent to prove it!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, friend! i hope you are enjoying a wonderful day of relaxation and fun. i can't wait to give you a big birthday hug tonight.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I voted for your alias. I'm a creature of habit. ;)

Happy Brithday "Aunt Nancy".

If you aren't mmjw, then you will be "Aunt Nancy" to me. :)

Being Beth said...

I wasn't thinking when I posted a comment this morning -- we are SO going to GLORIA'S (can you hear me singing the name???) to celebrate your birthday -- my treat of course! Name the first possible date, and we'll DO IT!

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