Monday, January 12, 2009


. . . where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!

We're there (here) today.

I love it.

Arbuckle Mountains.

The 77 Grill in Davis, OK, that has some good home cooking that Sam and I partook of today. 

Good, hearty people. Not pretentious.

Not too cold winter. Not too hot summer.

A wonderful state.

My husband and son and daughter were born in Oklahoma.

Nuff said.

Oh. There's more.
Three out of the four people in these two pictures were born in Oklahoma.


Anonymous said...

i look a little nervous or excited or something... it was your birthday after all:)

man, i miss that beard. it's much shorter now. and laura cut my hair with great skill last night. she cut it so well, in fact, that i got the job i was interviewing for! i'll be a nurse technician at baylor irving pretty soon.

looking forward to the 26th

Being Beth said...

You make Oklahoma sound almost exotic! LOL!!!

We. the 28th is GREAT for your Gloria's Birthday Luncheon. Two weeks from tomorrow -- yea!!!!

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