Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet news . . .

. . . I got a new car!! (No picture yet.) Will and Bailey took the first ride in it besides Sam and me and they duly oo-ed and ah-ed.

We got a great deal on it - thanks to Sam's wheelin'and dealin' (during which I had to grab the chair a few times and bite my lip and then force myself to detach.) (I'm still learning this business of being a wife.)

So now Will has my beloved Honda CRV. I loved that vehicle. Will's car gave out, though, and we decided to give the CRV to him and, well, I now have a NEW favorite car.
I can't wait to show it to you!!

Completely different note: I thought Michelle Obama looked smashing yesterday!

Have a great day.
Me - I'm going to go for a drive.

1 comment:

Elizabeth H. said...

Oooo I can't wait to see it!!! What did you get??

And I thought Michelle Obama looked good, too... but I was very perturbed at the fact that in this economy, they went ahead with spending $170 Million dollars on the inauguration and festivities AND designer duds. If the Republicans had spent that much money, it would be all over the news media that we shouldn't be living flamboyantly in this economy. I respect the office of the president, and thus am called to respect Barack Obama, but I am so tired of the double standard. I might blog about it... if I get the chance today.

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