Friday, January 9, 2009

Today . . .

. . . is the 2nd day of my new year. I NEVER start my new year until Jan. 8. That way I don't have to start my diet BEFORE my birthday.

Yes, I used the word 'diet'. I don't have to lose 100 pounds, thankfully, but every single pair of slacks that I own, except those with elastic, are extremely tight. Sooooooo. .....

. . . you know what that means.

I pondered the idea of talking about diets on my blog. I mean, this is a very private topic for me. But being private about it has not worked in the last 2 years. Soooooo, I'm going public. Maybe that will mean success.

Some of the gals in my 'work place' (where I 'play') (Hi, H!) are doing the diet thing together. That means they weigh themselves every week and then after a certain time whoever has lost the most will get a cash reward. I thought about doing that. It sounds like a great idea. HOWEVER, I remembered in college signing up for a grad student's test project and weighing myself every Friday morning, and after 2 months I had GAINED weight. Hmm. 'Course I was more immature then, but still I can remember the humiliation like it was yesterday.

I'm being too melodramatic.

Still, I want you to know that this time next year I want to weigh less. Or at least fit better in my slacks and jeans.

Doesn't that sound like a goal?

Maybe I can reach that one!!!

(I just love this blogging-thing. Who knew I would be so into it? I mean, I can write whatever I want!)

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Being Beth said...

You're right -- health and lifestyle management (I refuse to diet) is a private thing, and no amount of humiliation, shame, or guilt is going to motivate me to lose even an ounce. It has the exact opposite effect on me. I just keep plugging away at adding in the right stuff, and eventually good stuff leaves little room for the bad stuff, though there's ALWAYS room for lunch with you at Gloria's every once in a while!

PS - sometimes there's a sort of synergy that happen in life that make me laugh...the word verification below right now is "calworys" -- cracks me up -- us worrying about calories on your post and my comment -- cal-worys. Hah!

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