Monday, January 5, 2009

We had fun . . .

. . . at Zero Church Saturday night. Well, we usually have fun. . . but it was a little more fun than usual this past week.
Sam preached on "Why We Do What We Don't Want To Do." (Well, the message wasn't 'fun' -though very good-, but the music was!)
In preparing for that talk, the crew that plans the services (Sam, me, Barris, Kim and Dine) came up with the idea of doing Hank William's Jr.'s "Family Tradition". (Well, I didn't know the song - SO I'M INNOCENT OF ANY WRONG DOING! -ha!)
Anyway, Barris got his dad (a professional entertainer (and a retired administrator of Hardin Simmons University) to perform it, and his (Barris') sons to accompany him, with Barris playing bass. It was a hoot. Here's a picture:

Here's Sam talking a little before they performed.
And here are the 'Tech Chicks' at the light and sound board (from left, Jessie, Kim, Dine (pronounced Dinay). . .
Do you know another church that has all female tech people? Huh???
Go Zero Church!

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