Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Did you know . . .

. . . that coffee is good for your mind? Click HERE to read an article about how it might keep one from developing dementia.

And did you hear about Detroit's disgraced ex-mayor moving to Southlake?! Click HERE for the story.

And did you know that Facebook is now five years old? Seems like it's been around forever. I still haven't used it - I'm actually registered (I think). ....I've decided to just BLOG my life away. Click HERE if you want to read more about Facebook's birthday.

And did you know that instead of Gloria's 'Nancy's plate' for lunch I ate a homemade grilled cheese sandwich? (Get well, Beth!!) I decided to drink a real Dr. Pepper with my sandwich, to make up for not having that yummy Gloria's 'Nancy's plate'. Mm. . . there is nothing like a real Dr. Pepper that's icy cold. mm. (Well, except if it's with Gloria's 'Nancy's plate'.) Did you know that they only serve the 'Nancy's plate' at lunch time? (Actually it could be called the 'Nancy platter', but I call it 'Nancy's plate').

You'd never guess I had a long list of things to do. . . and not one of them was, "write 'Nancy's plate' as many times as you can".

Get well, Beth!!!!

(Seriously. I do want you to get well, Beth. . . and not just so we can eat together. . . but, for sure, a 'Nancy's plate' wouldn't taste the same eaten with anybody else.)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

OMG. You cannot keep talking about Gloria's. I love Gloria's... :( Their food is SO good... especially the salsa.

I have to check out the Nancy plate next time I'm there... Mmm... Gloria's!

I want to move to Southlake! It's such a pretty community... Actually, I like a lot of that "area" of Dallas... but it's too far from work for me. :( Some day? :)

I can't believe Facebook is 5... Amazing. Those years have gone so fast. Do you know that I was actually in Italy when Facebook opened to my school (TTU)? My friend from Purdue convinced me to join... and I've just recently realized that sometimes it seems to be more drama than it's worth. ;)

Elizabeth H. said...

The thought of that man moving here makes my stomach turn. Gloria's sounds so delicious....

caroline said...

so, earlier today I saw you and your mother driving around in your car, so I honked and waved..

but it was not you and your mother.
y'all have a couple people masquerading around town as you!

Rob said...

That coffee thing is the best news I've ever heard. I'm terrified of dementia, and I love coffee! Thanks for sharing that.

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