Wednesday, February 25, 2009


... maybe you saw my garage-cleaning post today. Or the one about about the most pierced woman in the world (over 6,000 pierces). If you were quick you saw those posts. If you weren't you didn't. I deleted them. They just didn't suit me.
Hmm. Maybe I'm getting too perfectionistic in this blogging hobby of mine.

In the spirit of imperfection here is an anonymous quote I like...
“I find imperfection the most interesting thing about a person.”
Also, in the spirit of imperfection I'm going to show you the picture of that pierced woman after all.
I knew you wanted to see her.
[Click HERE to read about her.]


Being Beth said...

Whoa!!! I'm glad that is not one of my kids!

Re: your blogs name change -- I'm glad I'm not going crazy and just noticed after it's been up for a year, LOL

laura said...

crazy! perhaps she thinks she has reached perfection in all her piercing.

Sara Elizabeth said...

... I'm not even sure what to say... other than that HAS to be painful... and when she takes all of those out, she might resemble a pin cushion.

Elizabeth H. said...

That looks like it hurt!!!

Did you change your blog name to Busyness instead of Business?