Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Everyone Okay?!

Last night's weather was crazy. We got a call from the city of Colleyville - to take cover. And then I heard the sirens wailing. At that moment I knew Sam was on his way home from his Greek class - which meets at Bear Valley church which is in west Colleyville. When he walked through the door I got all wet - hugging and kissing him.

Will, are you okay? Bailey Jo? Heather? Huffmans? Lahaies? Rob and Caroline? (And everybody else I've omitted?) Actually Rob and I drove home yesterday from OK City to beat the weather there. And they DID have weather. This morning one of the bank's employees emailed me telling me the bank at Memorial had (tornadic) circulation just over the building - and all the schools were locked down so she had to wait for 2 weather systems to go through before she could pick up her kids. !!!

Thanks to John C. and his Twitter-thingy I could tell Laura was safe. THANKS, JOHN!



Elizabeth H. said...

Yes, we're safe! It was crazy!! We hunkered down in the closet under the stairs! I'm glad y'all are okay and that Sam was safe while he was on the road - that would have been VERY scary. I'm so glad y'all are okay.

laura said...

At first I was offended that you didn't want to know if I was ok, but with the John thing, I guess you're off the hook. Yeah, it was crazy here but I guess not as crazy as it was in the DFW area. Our lights flickered on and off a couple times but that's all. It was pretty exciting. I lit candles.

I'm glad everyone is ok!

caroline said...

we are OK too!
It missed us, but we were worried about you over in Colleyville! yikes!
We were very glad to have a safe home and not a 3rd story apt. during that kind of stom.

caroline said...

do you play at the tea room Friday or Saturday?

Nancy said...

Caroline - this week I'm playing Saturday - tomorrow.

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