Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday mornings . . .

. . . are wonderful. I never ever ever ever thought I'd have them. Well, I never ever ever ever thought about having them. I've been going to church on Sunday morning since before I was born (which is a wonderful thing). But now, with our Saturday night church we sleep in on Sunday. And this morning we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Sweet.

At one o'clock we have a worship planning meeting here at the house and those are usually fun. We talk about songs and movie clips (we have a license), etc., that we can use in future weeks at Zero Church. We use 'the umbrella of grace' when brainstorming. That means that ANY idea can be brought up and no one can ridicule it. That also means that CRAZY ideas are OFTEN brought up... which is so fun. I think that's how we should live our lives --- not being afraid to think outside the box and get crazy sometimes.

Speaking of crazy, I've been crazy in my obsession with a new look for my blog. Valentine's is over so no more hearts. This green look is different from any look I've had before - which is the whole idea. I've always liked blue and green together ... ever since my preacher's wife had a blue and green kitchen in the church parsonage. I was about eleven years old then and was wowed by everything about her. Whenever I think of blue and green together I think of her. Maybe I should track her down and tell her. I think she's still living.

At five o'clock I'm going to the Huffmans to babysit those precious babies. Actually Caroline is no longer a baby - sigh. (She's growing up too fast!) I'm taking my camera so you know what will be on tomorrow's blog! I might have to put some blue and green clothes on them so the pictures will go with my blue and green blog. Oh, maybe I'll find some blue and green toys they can play with, or we could go into Andrew's room. It is a beautiful light blue. mm

Obviously this lazy Sunday morning is making me ramble on and on.
Ah, but you don't have to read the rambling.
Ah, but I guess you just did!

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Being Beth said...

Back in the 70's we too had a blue and green kitchen, and I loved it -- rich mahogany panelling, those deep blues and avocado green with stark white cotton tie back ruffly curtains on the windows - very pleasant room.

And, I agree about lazy Sunday's -- there really is something so wonderfully refreshing about taking a Sabbath Rest -- God is so smart about us and what we need to function best.

I enjoyed your post today.

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