Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nancy’s Favorite . . .

is still Nancy’s Favorite! Here Beth is treating me to one at Gloria’s (for a belated birthday present). It’s only on the lunch menu, but a much bigger plate of that same food and more is on the evening menu. I can’t remember what the evening plate is called, but I’ll call it “Sam’s Favorite.” Anyway, Beth and I had our usual fun at Gloria’s. When we get together I always leave refreshed . . . and stuffed, of course!
Thanks, Beth!

Different note: at Zero Church tonight (at 5) we’re starting a new series on the Twenty-third Psalm. The series is on stress and ‘busyness’ and how to find God’s calm in the midst of it all. Click HERE if you’d like to go to the website and listen to Sam’s little invitation to it (very short - but very good).

As I write this (Friday night - but will copy and paste it on my blog tomorrow morning) I’m babysitting for little Caroline and baby Andrew while John takes Elizabeth out for her (early) birthday celebration. She and John are redeeming their Christmas present from me. I gave them some coupons for some nights out and some days out. They deserve them! I’m just glad that finally Andrew is sleeping. It’s sad that babies can’t talk and tell you what’s wrong. I think he was hungry. . . or he needed that big burp he let loose. (Gee, I hope no one talks about me like I’m talking about him.)
Thankfully, he’s sound asleep now.
And that Caroline, she goes to bed like a trooper. Ah, but I just heard her talking softly to herself. Or maybe to her little bunny. Now that’s pure sweetness.

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Being Beth said...

Those photo's turned out great - not too dark like I thought they might be. I too come away from our time together refreshed and uplifted. Thanks for the great friendship we share.

Your writing about Caroline and Andrew is so sweet. Makes me feel the need for a baby fix.

I've been doing some thinking about Zero church, and will write you an email with more of my thoughts later (hopefully today). I'd like to attend a discussion on the 23rd Psalm -- maybe I'll show up next week (if I can remember to stop my Saturday at 3:30 so I can clean up and drive over to the service. I honestly have wanted to come back, but somehow Saturday afternoon gets going and I forget to stop at 3:30. Sigh...and I even have a handy dandy iPhone with all kinds of bells and whistles to remind me...maybe I should USE it, LOL!

Did you get your new phone? I think you'll like it a lot.

thanks again for having a birthday so we'd have an excuse to go to Gloria's. Let's get our next time together on the calendar before we're booked up.

We should have a party, Grammy!

Penelope Faye said that. We call her Nell. She said that we need to have a party since I was in her house!! She said that this past Thursday...