Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sales in my booth have really picked up. The first half of this month I sold $456 worth of stuff. That's major since I don't sell furniture. It seems my CDs are popular, and also my knick knacks. It's a thrill. (And I was thinking of closing shop.) Makes me want to buy more junk ... and make more CDs (though I have way yet to break even on my last one).

Here's a cartoon I thought was cute (my mother sent it to me)...

Now off to meet Beth at Gloria's!!!!


caroline said...

mmm Glorias definately has the BEST chips and dips.
I'm so glad your booth is selling well!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Wow, congrats on your sales! What sort of booth do you have? I'm intrigued! That's so neat!

Mmmm Gloria's! We went there Tuesday for lunch... so tasty.

mm jw said...

Sara, I have a booth in an antique mall, though most of my stuff is not antique.

I can't get on your blog! Under 'My Blogs' on your profile is nothing. Hmm.

Sara Elizabeth said...

But what kinds of things are in your booth (besides your CDs)? :)

You should be able to get back on my blog now... ;)

mm jw said...

Sara Elizabeth, in my booth I have lots of crosses, decorative roosters, glassware, some lamps, pictures, yard art, etc.
Thanks for asking!