Monday, March 9, 2009


I just brought to board meeting my one dollar tips that I've accumulated from my piano playing tip jar for the last two and a half years. The five, ten, and twenty dollar tips I would just put in my billfold and spend them on stuff, mainly necessities. The one dollars would go to a box in my closet. Until today.
I brought them to the bank, to let them be counted. I thought they would add up to maybe $600. Surprise-surprise: over $1300!!!

I just had to tell you that. I'm so excited.

All those years of piano lessons are paying off!!

P.S. I DO report my tips to the IRS - just so you know. (I count all the tips (all denominations) every day I play and record them - after counting them I would just put the onesies in the box. Anyway, I was not appreciating the onesies enough!! They do add up!!)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

WOW! What a nice surprise! You must be very talented to garner tips of that magnitude! :)


Being Beth said...

Wow!!! I've been saving all my change for a year -- and I have over $350. And just think, kids don't value coins. I see them just toss it on the ground!

My grandparents started saving quarters and they went on a trip to Hawaii on their quarters. Of course that was years ago, but still -- there are lots of ways to save $$$.

Elizabeth H. said...

Oh my goodness!! How fun is that?! Beth, I love the quarter story... makes me want to start saving mine. Is it bad that when I find a random penny somewhere around the house, I just throw it away??

Anonymous said...

I have a pickle jar with change that is always in my car. It's mostly full, but I always use the quarters for things like the air/water machine to fill up my tires or...bubble gum. Nah. Not no much about the gum. I'm guessing it's about $40-50.

Awesome about the "onesies" though.

Missed having dinner with yall tonight. guys have spoiled me. And thanks for your sincere comment on my post. I appreciate it.

laura said...

wow amazinG!

Julia said...

Cha-Ching is right! Congrats!

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