Saturday, March 28, 2009

Donuts for breakfast!

I braved the cold weather this morning and went and got them. I was surprised there was a line at the little donut shop. But everybody was happy. Well, because the two Asian ladies waiting on everybody were so happy.

I hadn't been to a donut shop in a long time, but when I found out my cousin really likes donuts I thought, by golly, on her last morning here we're going to have some!
And, by golly, I'm going to blog about it.

(Feeling perky today!)


Being Beth said...

By golly, I'm glad you're feeling perky this morning. Who wouldn't with a plate of fresh doughnuts?

It was a porridge morning for me -- grits...ummmmm.

I've got your CD "In The Garden" playing on my iPod, and enjoying a cup of coffee while I read blogs. Nice...

Sara Elizabeth said...

Have you ever noticed that the little Asian ladies are the happiest people you ever encounter? I have, anyway.

A warm doughnut sounds good. Hope your cousin enjoyed her special breakfast!

Now, stay warm for the rest of the day.

caroline said...

yummm, I could really go for some donuts right now...

You are so sweet! Have I mentioned that lately?

laura said...

i had a donut this morning too! At church. I remember fondly the mornings when we would all go to the donut shop to get donuts for church