Monday, March 30, 2009

Texas Country Reporter...

I've rediscovered a gem of a program that is now part of my TiVo schedule. (And hopefully it will show the rerun about the World Hunger Relief Farm that I missed last fall.) Anyway, this is a delightful show and every time I watch I think, 'I should watch this more often. This is good for my soul.'

That's it for today.


Being Beth said...

I always forget about that show, and yet when I do catch it, I always enjoy it. I have TiVo, so I just now set it up to record. Great idea, Nancy!

I like the photo feature you've got up and enjoy seeing all your great love photo's.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about that WHRI episode... I'm in it for sure and I think Laura is too (along with some of our other farm buddies). Dinner was good yesterday. I'm always thankful for it and for your wonderful family. See ya again soon.