Saturday, March 21, 2009

This weather has been wonderful...

...I'm loving it.

So what
do I write
Well, whatever I write
I think I will
just write
a few
on a line.

That's how
Caroline Carmack
does it
and it looks
so artsy.

is the
of flattery.)

Well, the news
this morning:
company is coming!
My uncle and cousin
are flying in
from Tennessee
and Alabama
for the week.
It should be
a good visit.

Did you notice
the picture on
the left on
this blog?
I just love
that picture
that girl.
That's why I
put it up.

You can't
at that
not smile.


laura said...

is Caroline replacing me?

Being Beth said...

LOL, Laura -- it's the way of the world -- Caroline will only replace you until you or Will produce your own cherubs. Then they'll take over. Us old ladies need regular baby fixes, what can I say?

I like the artsy way of posting. I've been doing it some myself -- and I lifted the idea from Caroline C. too!

Have fun with your far flung relatives -- glad they can come see you all.

Nancy said...

No one can replace you, Laura!!!

caroline said...

haha you guys are funny! And i AM flattered!
i don't really know WHY i type it out like that, it just looks more fun, and less daunting if you have a lot to write...
and i know how laura feels, my mom is hanging a ginormous picture of baby Kohen, and none of her own children! hah

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