Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weird . . .

. . . not to have Zero Church Saturday night. Usually by now I'm working on music for it and getting ready for music team rehearsal on Tuesday night. Plus talking to Sam about how it's going to go, and when I'll proofread the handout, etc.

Hmm. What happened to that relieved feeling I had?

I read a little on grief years ago, and how one grieves about any kind of change or loss in his/her life. It may be a very small grief - like when a spouse calls right before dinner time saying he'll be really late and to go ahead and eat without him. Or, of course, it may be a big grief, as in a death or other kind of loss.

Hmm. I guess I'm saying I'm grieving a little right now.

Funny how just saying that helps.

Oh, but this didn't help: I got a speeding ticket today! Going 40 in a 30.
Well, at least I knew I was getting a ticket. You see, when I was about 19 I was stopped (forgive me if you've heard this before) by a highway patrolman for speeding and he told I he was going to give me a citation. I thought if he was going to give me a ticket, he would have said "ticket". Whew. I was relieved. He was just 'citing' that I was speeding. I began thanking him profusely (I mean PROFUSELY)(I'm not making this up) and then he gave me the 'citation' and went back to his patrol car and I drove off. My friend, Diane, said, "Nancy, do you realize that you just got a ticket?" I forget what I said, but embarrassment was what I felt. No wonder that patrolman looked confused when as he handed me the 'citation' I kept thanking him!

I just had to tell that story on myself.
Telling it lifted MY spirits!


Being Beth said...

Funny story. I always thank the policeman if I get stopped -- ticket or not. He/she may not believe me, but I am really grateful -- for calling my attention to the fact that I am getting careless or distracted, not driving defensively (or that a light is out on my car, or a sticker has expired, etc.). I really mean it too.

As for your feelings about zerochurch, endings are so hard, even a suspension is an ending of sorts, and it takes you from SOMETHING and throws you into No Man's Land for a while as you wait for a new beginning. Fortunately, you're only "passin' through" No Man's Land -- you don't have to live there. Keep your eyes open for that beginning -- maybe it will bring you as much pleasure as your piano playing gigs!

I'll keep ya in my prayers.

Elizabeth H. said...

LOL at that story!! I'm sorry you got a ticket - do you have to do defensive driving now?? Yuck!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Love the story. You were such a sweet 19 year old. :) He probably felt bad after that. ;) It must be that fancy new car of yours... you'll have to be more careful. ;)

I feel sad for your loss, but confident in what I said before -- there's something else out there waiting for someone like you. The rain before the rainbow? :)

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