Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm wide awake . . .

Sam is sleeping.
Bless his heart.

Me, I'm thinking of how thankful I am that we did Zero Church. It was a wonderful ride, however short.

We had our last core group meeting tonight.
Thirteen were here.
Precious people.
The meeting was good.

Someday we'll do another project that will seek to draw folks to God. ('Course, thankfully, He draws them to Himself.)
Folks that know nothing about Him . . . except that they know they need Him.

Well, everyone needs Him.

I dare anyone to look through history -and the world - and life - and find that folks don't need God. The God of the Bible.

Everyone needs Him.

I'm so glad I found Him.

Or He found me.

Oh yes.

OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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Being Beth said...

A pastor (not Sam) once gave a sermon illustration that has stuck with me through the years. He talked about cannons, some loaded and some not. We can't tell which are loaded, but it doesn't matter, because our job is to strike the match and light the fuse. He equated the cannons with the people God brings across our paths some are ready and ready, others are somewhere along the path to being fully loaded. Our job, as Christians, is to strike the match, light the fuse, and if they're loaded, they'll blow.

I like that. Sure takes a lot of pressure off. God loads them, we light the fuse.

I guess it doesn't matter that much what kind of project you use as long as you continue to strike the matches and light the fuses.

I'm quite confident that those of you in the core group will continue to strike the matches whether you do it together as a group or as individuals. And God will continue to load and bring them into your lives...and he'll be smiling when they blow.

Keep the faith, sister, keep the faith.

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