Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bailey Jo and I . . .

. . . had a late lunch in the tea room today. It was fun. We hadn't done that in a long time. Way too long. We used to meet for at least coffee every now and then. I see her every Monday night but it's not the same as one on one time.
Thanks for coming, Bailey Jo.

Oh, if you're wondering why she hasn't posted on her blog in a while, well, her computer has been sick. UGH.

After we ate, and Will, Heather and Erin got off work, we all went to TCC Northwest campus. Oh my, it is a beautiful campus. We went to see Heather's art work. We were all impressed!! Tomorrow (hopefully) I will post her pictures with captions. Prepare to be in awe! REALLY!


laura said...

that's a cute picture of you and bailey! and im glad you can still have fun having lunch in the tea room even though you are there all the time

Being Beth said...

YES!!! Tomorrow at 2pm. I can hardly wait. I've saved calories and everything.

What a sweet picture of you and Bailey and a sweet post too. You are so gifted in the area of relationships and hospitality.

See ya tomorrow.

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