Sunday, April 5, 2009

New favorite thing to do...

... eat outside at Central Market in Southlake when the band "20 Years Late" is playing. Our friend Jan plays drums while singing backup in the band. She's the only female. Last night we went to it - and were wowed - by the band, the place and the food. It was so crowded, though, we could hardly find a seat. But we did. And oh, it was fun! And we saw the Travises - with Jenny and Sean - and found out Jenny is with child! - due in November. And we saw the Taylors, and the Garzas and other folks from Bear Valley who came out to hear "20 Years Late". (They play about once a month there.) Here's their WEBSITE.

Today I'm taking pictures of our flower gardening attempts. Don't get your hopes up. We're amateurs! Sam said he can't remember when he's ever planted anything!!! - well, until now.

This is the start of Easter week . . . don't forget to celebrate.


Being Beth said...

Can't wait to see the new landscaping. Gosh, Mac is a cutie -- I mean, REALLY.

Central Market, eating outside, good music -- must go check it out. Do they have a Nancy's Plate???

Elizabeth H. said...

How fun!!! We love Central Market!! Tuesday nights are also really busy because kids eat free... so if you go then, be prepared! Glad y'all had fun and I can't wait to see the pictures!