Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RIGs and RILs and RITs

Some time ago I came up with these acronyms that I use in my journaling. RIGs are for ‘Random I’m Glads’, RILS are ‘Random I Likes’, and RITs are ‘Random I Thinks’.
3 RIGs:
-I’m glad my mother made me practice the piano.
-I’m glad I finally got Shiloh up to date on his shots.
-I’m glad I didn’t run over that squirrel the other day.
(I told you they were random.)
3 RILs:
-I like the (whole tortilla) nachos at Joe T. Garcia’s.
-I like shopping at Steinmart.
-I like eating breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg in Oklahoma City.
3 RITs
-I think those snipers that killed those pirates holding that ship captain should be awarded the highest honors possible... and be given trips to Disney World.
-I think this economy is not good for antique malls (though our tea room is doing great).
-I think patience is one of the most important virtues.

I challenge YOU to do some RIGs, RILs and RITs, and maybe some RIDLs (Random I Don’t Likes).
It’s fun, in a random kind of way.

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